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Our MF ceiling system has a wide range of applications including both residential and commercial. It is ideally suited to where services are accommodated. It can be used to both upgrade and protect existing ceiling structures. Varying ceiling heights can be achieved to accommodate the varying ducting and services that are used in the market place today. Our MF ceiling system is compatible with all proprietary plasterboards.

All MF ceiling profiles are manufactured to BS EN 14195:2014 from pre galvanized material to BS EN 10346:2015.

Profiles available include MF5, MF6A, MF7.

Key benefits:-

  • Quick and simple to construct and install.
  • Our system is suitable for any type of proprietary plasterboard.
  • Products can be easily cut to required length using appropriate cutting tools.
  • Insulation for improved sound and thermal properties is easy to install.
  • Can be used to create a perfect finish to receive most types of decorative finishes.
MF Ceiling Systems & Components diagram
  1. ceiling channel - DSMF5
  2. perimeter channel - DSMF6A
  3. primary channel - DSMF7
  4. angle section - DSA2
  5. wire clip - DSMF9
  6. angle cleat - DSMF12