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Non Load Bearing Partitions

Drywall & Ceiling Systems

Non Load Bearing Metal Stud Partitions

Stud & Track

Our lightweight drywall system is designed to produce easy to construct non load-bearing partitions.

Metal stud partitioning has a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial.

All stud and track are manufactured to BS 7364: 1990 from pre-galvanized material to BS EN 10346: 2015. All studs are knurled to ease the drywall screw penetration. Fire certification is also available upon request.

A full range of I studs and resilient bar are also available.

The range starts at 48mm to 146mm with track to suit in standard, deep and extra deep leg heights, and gauges from 0.5mm to 1.2mm.

Key benefits:-

  • Easily constructed, easy to handle, safe and clean.
  • Insulation for improved sound and thermal properties is easy to install.
  • Full range of stud widths available - 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 92mm, and 146mm complete with service holes for cables and pipes.
  • Both stud and track can be easily cut to required length using appropriate cutting tools.
  1. C stud
  2. U Track
  3. Spliced studs
  4. Boxed studs